Share your solution with governments/procurers worldwide

COVID-19 is the worst public health crisis in our lifetimes. If you have a solution that can be replicated anywhere in the world, is a platform for you to match with the tenders directly that needs your solutions today. is a decentralized platform connecting authorities with companies from around the globe with developed technology solutions for COVID-19 - let it be specialized technologies in airports, quarantine zones, hospitals, logistics infrastructure, and prisons.

One submission, global reach

covid map
  1. Browse the list of government tenders that call for solutions to the Coronavirus.
  2. Companies can submit details of their innovation to the Solutions Database.
  3. will share the Solutions List directly to all Institutions in the database.
  4. If you agree, your Solution will also be made public to facilitate peer to peer matching.

We need your help

This platform will only succeed if word reaches enough technology companies. We need your help to spread the message to online communities! This is a non-profit project. Let's fight this crisis together.

This website is being maintained on a shoestring. Any donation can help this project! Contact us for more details.

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