Looking for a Community Manager

Covidtenders.org is hiring a Community Manager

Community Manager Image

Dear all,

Thanks to the generous support from a donor, we have received a small amount of funding for our non-profit website. We are thus looking for an experienced community manager and fundraiser that can help us rapidly fund-raise further while coordinating the outreach for our platform. We can compensate you for your time with around $1.5k USD per month. We are looking for someone as close to full-time as possible. You should understand the project and believe in it.

Key responsibilities involve:


  • Reaching out to donors and charities to get government grants: With new funding, we can increase your own salary and hire more help
  • Reach out to health organizations around the world to get their interest in our database (and give support in the form of finances or exposure)

Community Management:

  • Reaching out to tech communities for diffusion of the platform to COVID solution givers
  • Reaching out to news outlets (theverge, newspaper, etc) to get the platform to be known

Volunteer Coordination:

  • Coordinate volunteers who reach out to us, and assign them tasks for the above.

A huge plus if you have any of the below:

  • Worked for non-profits before
  • Have successful fundraising experience for social causes
  • Have built a strong network in technology communities, social impact investors, or COVID-related groups
  • Have an understanding of government procurement

Please reach out to basile@blockdynamics.io if interested. Thank you ! The CovidTenders.org Team