Covid Tenders is a non-profit initiative launched by a group of volunteers. It was started by Basile Verhulst (contact) who has founded several high-tech startups in Asia and Paris in the past.

It is an initiative launched and supported by the French Tech Community in Asia. La French Tech is a unique movement bringing together startups, investors, policymakers and community builders to foster the growth of the startup ecosystem in France and across the world.

We are committed to slow down the spread of the virus and save lives by accelerating the technological innovation for our healthcare system.


  • Spread the word to companies that create solutions for COVID-19
  • Support our non-profit initative by becoming a partner and share the website link in your community
  • Join our Slack Community to help us improve this site or review solutions
  • Help us submit new tenders and connect to institutional buyers


Q: Has the data on your website been reviewed ? How do I know it is truthful?

A: The tenders are being reviewed by covidtenders.org before being listed on the database. However, the solution database is entirely crowd-sourced. We will monitor the quality of the data submitted on our website, and might put in place a peer review system if necessary in the future. Covidtenders or La French Tech does not take any responsibility and does not endorse any solution submitted through this website. It is up to the buyer to perform a due diligence of the seller he contacts through our exchange.

Q: My solution has confidential data. Will this be shared in public?

A: When you submit your solution, you can chose if you would like it to be publicly available or not. If you chose “No”, the data will only be sent in private channels to institutional buyers.

Q: How does Covidtenders.org get access to institutional buyers?

A: We count on our personal networks and the effort of the community to reach out to as many institutional buyers as possible. Often, the tender details have contact information which allows us to reach out directly to them and share the list of relevant solutions.

Q: Who has access to the database?

A: The database is being managed by volunteers whom you can contact on the slack channel (see link above).

Q: Can I edit my data after I have submitted it?

A: Currently, we do not have a form for editing previous entires. However, you can request to edit your submitted data through our Contact form. We will respond within 24 hours.

Q: Is this GDPR Compliant? Can I remove the data if i wish so?

A: The data is being shared only with your own consent. It will be removed from our servers upon request or 6 months after entry. You can contact us through the contact form or at contact@covidinnovations.org.